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How To Overcome Language Barriers During Your Job Hunt in Israel?

Job Hunt in Israel?

The fact is that job interviews (especially for an oleh hadash) in Israel can be intimidating if there is a language barrier. The fear of misunderstanding questions might make your interview process seem like a real and serious challenge.

However, with the right approach and mindset, you can increase your chance of success. That said, let’s go over some practical tips to help you handle your job interview in Israel even if you don’t speak Hebrew.

Firstly, Prepare Beforehand!

  • Do your research on the company – Learn about the company products, mission, values, and culture.
  • Perform your research on the interviewer – Check their LinkedIn, and learn about what they actually do for a living to become relatable.
  • Practice common interview questions – This will boost your confidence and help you express your thoughts.

Secondly, Use Simple and Clear Language During The Interview

  • Remember that interviewers are not expecting perfection in your language skills – They are more interested in your ability to convey your thoughts clearly and effectively.
  • Speak slowly and clearly – Avoid using complex vocabulary or expressions that may lead to confusion.
  • Break down complex ideas into small, modest, short sentences – This will make it easier the interviewer to understand you.

Thirdly, Demonstrate Active Listening Techniques

  • Smile and nod alot – When done appropriately will show that you are engaged and receptive.
  • If you’re uncertain about something, don’t hesitate to say so – Trust me, it’s much (2x much) better to seek clarification than to provide an inaccurate response
  • Your non-verbal cues are just as important as your words – Maintain eye contact, and use confident (yet modest) body language.

Fourthly, Stay Positive and Optimistic… Please!

  • Be persistent – You might not find a job after one or two or three interviews… but don’t give up!
  • Confidence goes a long (2x long) way in interviews – Believe in your skills and stay positive.
  • Know that you have unique talents and abilities to offer – Your language skills do not define you as a person.

Fifthly, Practice + Practice + Practice

  • Engage in mock interviews with friends, or a professional – This will help you become comfortable and receive valuable pointers.

I remember the day I arrived in Israel, I had NO money – NO friends – and NO job…

Culture shock, fear, doubt… I know how you feel.

Giving up my job working as a well-paid manager in the United States, I moved to Tel Aviv – and just like you, I had to start over from nothing.

It took me several years of living in Israel before I found a decent paying job.

I don’t want that for you! I don’t want you to have to go through what I went through.

Working in low paying jobs + feeling completely under-valued in Israel.

Listen, about 8 years ago I had a powerful realization.

I looked back into my past and understood that I was always asked to be a leader + trainer + teacher… and I absolutely loved doing it!

Therefore, with my 15+ years of experience in the field of sales, customer service, and management, I decided to open my own company.

I decided to name my sales training company Sales Development Israel.

Then, I began to use all of my spare time before work and after work creating training materials, and trying to acquire clients.

In addition, I was sending emails and cold calling companies in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Ramat GanJerusalem, Bat Yam, and Holon.  Basically, I was reaching our across the whole country of Israel in my efforts.

Great news is that I was able to find my first few corporate sales training clients

Something I immediately noticed was at the conclusion of my sales training workshops, two things would happen consistently happen:

Firstly, I would receive feedback that my sales training workshops were providing massive value for the sales team. Secondly, one or two of the students in the courses would privately approach me.

These students would speak with me about their struggles not only in sales, but also in their lives.

Then one time, a female student offered to pay me for a one-on-one session outside of the office. She asked me to help her learn how to communicate more effectively, and to help her figure out a better career path.

We developed a plan, strategized, and executed.

Another student, approached me and offered to pay me for my time to help prepare him for a job interview.

Similarly, another student from another workshop, at another company, asked me to help them build their inner-confidence.

And this would happen again and again and again…

Each of these wonderful people I began to work one-on-one with,  had their own unique challenge, and asked me for help.  Each time we developed a plan, strategized, and executed.

They knew that I was not professionally trained, and still they would offer to pay me for my time.  These first clients would call me their “Life Coach” or “Career Counselor“, and I was able to help them!

At the conclusion of our one-on-one sessions, they each had taken took massive steps forward towards the results they desired!

Most people set out to become a trained and certified life coach (קואצ’ר , אימון אישי) or career counselor before ever having a client. 

I never once said to myself that I wanted to be a life coach (אימון אישי לחיים) or a career counselor. This interesting and fulfilling profession came to me… literally.

Moreover, after all these years I’m happy to say I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people just like you!

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