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3 Ways How Tel Aviv Israel and Los Angeles California are VERY Similar

If you are considering moving to Israel or if you at present live in Israel, you will likely find this article quite entertaining.  This article represents my attempt to share a few examples of 3 Ways How Tel Aviv Israel and Los Angeles California are VERY Similar.

I moved to Israel from Los Angeles, California, about 12 years ago and I have a perspective to share.  In what feels like an age of fractionalization and of separate and divided political parties, religions, races, and much more … I want to unify and collaborate.

Through this article, I hope to inspire you to look for commonalities amongst different peoples/cultures in various countries because it is meaningful to me.  That being declared, let’s get into it.

  • The Weather

In Los Angeles, the weather is almost always sunny and warm.  Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 48°F to 85°F.

In Tel Aviv, the weather is almost always sunny and warm. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 49°F to 87°F.

Indeed look at the numbers on WeatherSpark.  The year-round weather is simply great in both places! 

  • The Diversity

I would say that Tel Aviv, Israel is a relatively diverse place depending on which part of Tel Aviv you’re in… and the same exact thing goes for Los Angeles, California.

Specifically, in the south-central part of Tel Aviv & Los Angeles has a lot of Jews, Asians (both from India and the Philippines) , Africans, Russians, and Arabs.

Indeed, it is crazy how similar the two places are!

  • The Beach

Something extraordinary about both places (Los Angeles & Tel Aviv), is that you enjoy extremely easy access to the sea/ocean.

You will be able to go to the beach and enjoy water sports, lounging, and soaking up the sun.

Not bad right?!

  • In Conclusion

If you cross-examine me…all human beings are basically the same.  We all have the same exact 25-27 emotions to draw from, and engage our reality.  We all feel pain, pleasure, jealousy, and sadness.

Although some of the mannerisms and the environment are different… basically, Los Angeles and Tel Aviv are the same place!

Come see for yourself!

About the Author of Living In Israel as an American – The PROS and CONS

Hi, my name is Claude Lee Massey and thanks for reading the article above!  I wrote the article because I wanted to help you.  You see, I’ve been living in Tel Aviv for 10+ years and I know it can be a struggle living here as a foreigner.

I remember the day I arrived in Israel I had NO money – NO friends – and NO job.

So, let’s get into a great question that I often ask myself.

“How did I go from having no money, no friends, and no job to having all three. 

Moreover, “How the heck did I end up becoming a life coach (קואצ’ינג לחיים) and career coach (אימון אישי לקריירה)?

Once upon a time, about seven years ago (and after 15+ years of soul-searching), I had a powerful self-realization.

That the purpose of my life, was helping other people get what they want from life… by any means necessary.   Therefore, with my 15+ years of experience in the field of sales,  and customer service I decided to open a sales training company.

At this point, I had a full time job working for a high-tech company so on my day off, I found an accountant.  Then I hired him and had him file the proper paperwork to open a sales training company with the government.

I never thought that I would open my own business in Israel… but I did!  I decided to name my sales training company Sales Development Israel.  Then, I began to use all of my spare time before work and after work creating training materials, and trying to acquire clients.

In addition, I was sending emails and cold calling companies in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Ramat Gan, Jerusalem, Bat Yam, and Holon.  Basically, I was reaching our across the whole country of Israel during my efforts.

I doing everything in my power to generate momentum. in my new business  Great news is that I was able to find my first few clients!  However, something I immediately noticed was at the conclusion of my sales training workshops, two things would happen consistently happen: 

Firstly, I would receive feedback that my sales training workshops were providing massive value for the sales team.  This meant that the companies were happy with the service I provided, which was nice to know.

Secondly, one or two of the students in the courses would privately approach me.  These students would speak with me about their struggles not only in sales, but also in their lives.

Then one time, a female student offered to pay me for a one-on-one session outside of the office.  As a struggling entrepreneur, I accepted. 

She asked me to help her learn how to communicate more effectively, and to help her figure out a better career path.  We developed a plan, strategized, and executed. 

Another student, at another company offered to pay me for my time to help prepare him for a job interview.  We developed a plan, strategized, and executed. 

Similarly, another student from another workshop, at another company, asked me to help them build their inner-confidence.  We developed a plan, strategized, and executed.  This would happen again, and again…

Each of these wonderful people I began to work one-on-one with,  had their own unique challenge, and asked me for help.  Each time we developed a plan, strategized, and executed

They all knew that I was not certified or professionally trained, and still they would offer to pay me for my time.  These first clients would call me their “Life Coach” or “Career Counselor“, and I was able to help them!

At the conclusion of our 3 to 5 one-on-one sessions, they each had taken took massive steps forward towards the results they wanted.  Each time we developed a plan, strategized, and executed successfully! 

Eventually, enough people called me their Career Counselor or Life Coach that I began to call myself a “Career Counselor” and ”Life Coach”.

Most people set out to become a trained and certified life coach (קואצ’ר , אימון אישי) or career counselor before ever having a client.  I never did any of that kind of stuff, and that wasn’t the path I took to arrive where I am.

I never once said to myself that I wanted to be a life coach (אימון אישי לחיים) or a career counselor .  On the contrary, this beautiful, interesting, and fulfilling profession that I currently have came directly to me.


So that is the super-short story of how I began life coaching (תל אביב קואצ’ינג לחיים) and career counseling in Tel Aviv Israel.   In addition, after all these years I’m happy to say I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people just like you!


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