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The Best Ways to Find Jobs in Israel

Finding a job in Israel can be challenging, especially if you are a new immigrant, and not familiar with the local job market.  However, the internet provides numerous resources to help job seekers find the right job.  In this article, we will discuss The Best Ways to Find Jobs in Israel using the internet.

1.  Start with the LinkedIn Website

LinkedIn is one of the most popular job search platforms in Israel.  It is an excellent resource for networking and connecting with potential employers.  Begin by creating a professional profile on LinkedIn and make sure to include relevant keywords that match the jobs you are interested in.

Join groups related to your industry and follow companies you are interested in working for.  Make sure to update your profile regularly and engage with other professionals in your network.

2.  Check Online Job Boards

There are several job boards in Israel that you can use to find job listings.  These include Israeli websites such as AllJobs, Jobnet, Israemploy, and Drushim. 

International job boards such as Indeed and Glassdoor also have job listings for Israel.  Make sure to check these websites regularly and apply for jobs that match your qualifications and experience.

Many companies in Israel post job listings on their websites.  You should make a list of companies you are interested in working for, and regularly check their career pages for job openings.  You can also use LinkedIn to follow these companies and stay updated on any job openings they post.

3.  Attend Virtual / Online Job Fairs

Virtual job fairs have become popular in Israel, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic.  These job fairs allow job seekers to connect with potential employers and learn about job opportunities.  Make sure to register for virtual job fairs and prepare to network with recruiters and hiring managers.

4.  Network on Social Media (Including LinkedIn and Facebook)

Social media can be a powerful tool for networking and finding job opportunities in Israel.  Use Twitter and Facebook to follow companies and industry leaders. 

Engage with them by commenting on their posts and sharing your own industry-related content.  You can also use Facebook groups to connect with other professionals in your field.

5.  Work with Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment agencies can be helpful when considering the best ways to find a jobs in Israel.  These agencies have relationships with local companies and can help match you with a job that matches your skills and experience.  Make sure to research recruitment agencies in Israel and choose one that specializes in your industry.

6.  Research Startups

Israel is known for its thriving startup ecosystem, and there are many opportunities to work in the startup industry.  Research Israeli startups and apply for jobs on their websites or on job boards such as Startup Jobs Israel.  Keep in mind that startups often have a fast-paced work environment and may require employees to wear multiple hats.

You see, I still remember the day I arrived in Israel… I had NO JOB, NO FRIENDS, and NO MONEY.

And it took me several years of living in Israel before I found a decent-paying job at a tech company.

I was working for this company, and was promoted to a leadership position when I had a powerful self-realization:

The purpose of my life, is helping other people get what they want from life. 

I looked back into my past and understood that I was always asked to be a leader + trainer + teacher… and I absolutely loved doing it!

Therefore, with my 15+ years of experience in the field of sales and customer service I decided to open a sales training company.

I never thought that I would open my own business in Israel… but I did!

I decided to name my sales training company Sales Development Israel.

Then, I began to use all of my spare time before work and after work creating training materials, and trying to acquire clients.

In addition, I was sending emails and cold calling companies in Tel Aviv, HerzliyaRamat GanJerusalem, Bat Yam, and Holon.

Basically, I was reaching out across the whole country of Israel in my efforts.

Great news – I was able to find my first few clients

Something I immediately noticed was at the conclusion of my sales training workshops, two things would happen consistently happen: 

Firstly, I would receive feedback that my sales training workshops were providing massive value for the sales team.

Secondly, one or two of the students in the courses would privately approach me.

These students would speak with me about their struggles not only in sales, but also in their lives.

Then one time, a female student offered to pay me for a one-on-one session outside of the office.

She asked me to help her learn how to communicate more effectively, and to help her figure out a better career path.

Another student, approached me and offered to pay me for my time to help prepare him for a job interview.

Similarly, another student from another workshop, at another company, asked me to help them build their self-confidence.

And this would happen again and again and again…

Each of these wonderful people I began to work one-on-one with,  had their own unique challenge, and asked me for help.

Each time we developed a plan, strategized, and executed.

These first clients would call me their “Life Coach” or “Career Counselor“, and I am proud to say that I was able to help them.

At the conclusion of our one-on-one sessions, they each had taken took massive steps forward towards the results they wanted!

Eventually, enough people called me their Career Counselor or Life Coach that I began to call myself a “Career Counselor” and ”Life Coach”.

Most people set out to become a trained and certified life coach (קואצ’ר , אימון אישי) or career counselor before ever having a client… that is not my story.

I never once said to myself that I wanted to be a life coach (אימון אישי לחיים) or a career counselor.

This interesting and fulfilling profession came to me… literally.

So that is the short story of how I began life coaching (תל אביב קואצ’ינג לחיים) and career counseling in Tel Aviv Israel.

And after all these years, I’m happy to say I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people from around the world achieve their goals!

Let’s schedule a time for us to speak…

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The Best Ways to Find Jobs in Israel

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