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Welcome to The Moving To Israel Mini-Workshop!

Recommendations from Claude:

  • Watch the videos with a paper and pencil close by in order to write down notes and new ideas.
  • Watch 100% of the videos before you move to Israel.
  • If you go through all of the videos and have any questions, please feel free to contact Claude directly via email (

Below you will find all of the workshop content in video format…  Enjoy!  🙂

The Best Things About Living in Israel?

What You NEED to Know BEFORE You Move to Israel!

Is Living in Israel Safe?

What is Saturday (Shabbat) Like in Israel?

Is it Possible Living in Israel Without Speaking Hebrew?

How to Find a Job in Israel using LinkedIn?

How to Find a Job in Israel using Nefesh B’Nefesh

The Cost of Living in Israel


Renting in Tel Aviv Israel and Israeli Landlords

The Best Website to Use if You are Looking for an Apartment in Israel