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When I arrived to Israel from America, I used LinkedIn to find an English speaking job (without having any LinkedIn Tutorials)…


I had job hunting success using LinkedIn as a new Olim in Israel. See, It isn’t hard to find an English-speaking job in Israel using LinkedIn…

Let me share what I have learned.


+  The better paying jobs are listed on Linkedin

+  You will find a job faster

+  Increases your chances of finding a job

Here is an Instructional Kit to help you find an English speaking job in Israel using LinkedIn…

+  Messaging Templates for Contacting Decision-Makers on LinkedIn

+  The process is MUCH easier than you think

+  You get the steps handed to you

+  2 Downloadable PDF files (5 pages)

Using LinkedIn is also a great way to connect with other job hunters like you, find job listing boards, and meet recruiters!

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With the LinkedIn Tutorials You Get What?…

+  Improves your level of professionalism

+  Discover more English speaking job options in the Israeli job market

+  You will learn how to properly use Linkedin

+  The benefit of using a proven method