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When I first moved to Israel and before I had a LinkedIn profile, I tried to use Facebook to find an English speaking job (me without a Facebook Tutorial)…

I had job hunting success using Facebook as a new Olim in Israel.

Let me share what I have learned…

Here is an Instructional Kit to help you find an English speaking job in Israel using Facebook…

+ Easy to understand and follow

+ No need to search online for hours aimless

+ You get direct access to invaluable resources

+ Specific and simple, step-by-step instructions


+ A list of 21 Facebook Groups to Join (with direct website links)

+ A catalog with 23 Websites with Job Listings & Recruitment Agencies (with active website links)

+ The 30 Day Job Planner

+ “Ready to Click” links

+ 3 Downloadable PDF files (7 pages)

+ A central bank of useful and valuable, interactive information to use on your search

Using Facebook is also a great way to connect with other job hunters like you, find job listing boards, and meet recruiters!

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+ Increases your chances of finding a job

+ You will find a job faster

+ Discover more English speaking job options in the Israeli job market

+ You will be using a proven job finding system

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Or Send a Message Below With Any Questions Now!

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